Todd Bechtel....proud co-owner (along with wife Lorie) of Curry Dynamics....(both blocks are oval track Chevy's.  The one on the left is for Charlie Walters of McKee, PA.  the other is for Brandon Hoover of Woodbury, PA.


Some current projects. 

Left: 528 Hemi with roller cam and Top Fuel Heads for Jim Swauger of Hyndman, PA.
Center: Original 426 Hemi for Gerald Clouse of Woodbury, PA.
Right: Small Block Chrysler Oval Track Engine for Brian Lowery of Hyndman, PA


Curry Dynamics is an Authorized Bert Transmission Dealer.

(stocking every part in a Bert Transmission to rebuild yours on short notice)
Some of my Bert Transmission customers:
George Beckett
Shane Beegle
Dan Cornman
Ken and Nick Dickson
Brian Duffy
Bob Elbin
John Flinner
Ted Gallaher
Don and John Hedge
Wayne Johnson
J.R. Keifer
Brian Lowery
Andy Martz
Sheetz McGarvey
Jack Pencil
Jeff Rine
Rodney Sweitzer
and more....


Kings Distributor Test Machine

(used for calibrating, testing, and troubleshooting ignition systems)


Kwik-Way 092 Power Stroke Hone

(underneath, shop cats Rick and Peter)


Bridgeport Milling Machine and Boxford Metal Lathe

(used for general fabrication, piston milling, manifold machining, etc.)


Home Built Work Bench / Tool Box

(where I spend most of my time)


Kwik-Way SVSII Valve Grinder


Granite Surface Plate

(perfectly level surface for checking heads and lapping misc. parts)


Serdi 60 Valve Seat and Guide Machine

(next to God and family, my pride and joy.  Separates the men from the boys)


Cuda Hot Spray Parts Washer

(helps a clean freak get his clean-on)


Superflow SF600 Flow Bench

(will help take Curry Dynamics to the next level)


Miller Synchrowave 300 Tig Welder

(allows even me to make near perfect welds on anything from aluminum to titanium)


Chevalier Surface Grinder

(used for grinding and surfacing fine and intricate parts.  Leaves a mirror-like finish)


Grieve Bearing and Parts Oven

(used for servicing Bert transmissions and Winters rear-ends)


Cyclone Bead Blast Cabinet

(used for cleaning pistons, valves, heads, etc.)


Rottler F2B Boring Machine

(bores blocks from 1.4" to 6" diameter)


Berco STC 361 CBN / PCD Head and Block Mill

(a true Cadillac of a machine)


Stuska Dual Waterbrake Dynamometer

(future project, currently in storage)